USPS Delayed mail and packages?

Sometimes USPS packages are delayed or rerouted because of unusual circumstances. USPS  provides several tools and options to help determine where your parcels is in the mailstream and if it is delayed or not. Before contacting usps, please check the mail USPS delivery standards, USPS Tracking page (if available), and/or contact the shipper or USPS.Com for further information on your expected mail.

USPS Delay delivery

Definition Of USPS Parcels delayed

The volume of mail fluctuates daily, therefore, delivery times are not guaranteed. All deliveries should be made by 5:00 p.m. local time Monday through Saturday (unless there are unusual circumstances such as traffic, staffing fluctuations, severe weather, natural disaster, etc.). Please Note: USPS Priority Mail Express® mailpieces and Amazon parcels are the only pieces of mail delivered on Sunday.

USPS do not have the ability to find out when a mailperson will arrive at a specific location.

What is USPS  delivery standards

USPS Delivery time varies from one class of mail to another. It may be possible that the usps packages is still in transit and is not lost or delayed depending on what class of mail is being used and how long ago it was mailed. The following chart outlines the usps delivery standards for various mail classes and indicates how long you should wait before you contact usps customer assistance with a concern.

 USPS First-Class Mail 1-3 business days (not guaranteed) 5 or more days from the date of mailing
USPS Priority Mail 1, 2, or 3 business days (not guaranteed) 5 or more days from the date of mailing
Priority Mail Express 1-2 calendar days (guaranteed) Guaranteed Delivery Date/Time Missed
USPS Retail Ground 2-8 business days* (not guaranteed) 14 or more days from the date of mailing
Media Mail 2-8 business days* (not guaranteed) 14 or more days from the date of mailing
Bound Printed Matter 2-8 business days* (not guaranteed) 14 or more days from the date of mailing
Parcel Select parcels 2-9 business days* (not guaranteed) 14 or more days from the date of mailing
Parcel Select Lightweight  parcels 2-9 business days* (not guaranteed) 14 or more days from the date of mailing

USPS Marketing Mail

3-10 business days (not guaranteed) 14 or more days from the date of mailing

What to do when USPS Delay parcels

If you wish to contact a  USPS customer representative, email usps your concern with as much detail as possible and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

How to know parcels delay with USPS Tracking ?

If you have a tracking number for your item you may go to the USPS Tracking page and enter the USPS tracking number from the mailing label or receipt. Click here to view sample tracking numbers by mail service. Enter up to 35 tracking numbers separated by commas and click ‘Track.’ The most recent tracking status of your post and parcels(s) should appear.

If there is no status available or the information has not changed since the last time you viewed it, check back regularly as information is updated periodically throughout the day. If you have questions about the status of your packages, you may contact usps.

Contact the USPS or Shipper who created your Parcels acceptance Label

If you DO NOT HAVE the tracking number from the mailing label or receipt (recipient). If you were notified by a shipper that they have sent out a package and believe it has been delayed or possibly lost, contact the mailer of the item and request them to:

  • Track the item
  • Email us with as much detail as possible and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Who do I contact if my magazine / periodical is late?

If you are experiencing a delay in receiving magazines or periodicals, please contact the publisher of the magazine to ensure they have your correct information and the subscription has not expired.

Who do I notify if my mail is late?

Your local USPS Post Office  location should be able to address most of your concerns. Often there are identifying marks on an envelope that pinpoint the cause of a delay. Record the delivery date on the envelope and present to your local Post Office  location for examination.

14 thoughts on “USPS Delayed mail and packages?”

  1. Tracking #: 9274899***3027597621 I looked like this : “JUN 23 4:00 PM
    Package transferred to post office Belleville, NJ ” But can’t I still get the clothes. What can I do?

  2. Bonjour, mon colis UE102102186US est en instance sur votre plateforme depuis le 14/08/20. L’expéditeur ne l’ayant pas réceptionné, je ne peux pas être remboursé. Comment faire pour le recevoir en Nouvelle Calédonie ? Merci

  3. I find it odd that I have to tell you that you have not deliverd a package. This is a prioritiy mail shippment that is going on14 days. So much for 3 day delivery. The 1 800 customer service phone numbe is worthless also nothing but excuses and you wonder why they are moving to privitize the service.

  4. Envelope CB1300***52US has not arrived at destination. The routing history of this envelope is very confusing. It says that it left for Sao Paulo/Brazil from Houston AND Chicago which is impossible. Or one or other. Brazilian postal service has not received this envelope until now. Please check thouroughly its whereabouts. We have difficult times but are not living in total confusion.
    Apreciate your detailed reply.
    Fritz Kuhn/Rio de Janeiro/Brazil

  5. Hmm…i realize the holiday season topped with the pandemic situation can and will cause deliveries to be delayed and or late…BUT..i cannot get updated tracking info on packages…today is the 11th and the most up to date info i can get is the 8th..three days with no tracking info to be found…same thing with another package due today as well…but messages are so damn confusing..saying on time…arriving late…which is it? I have no up to date tracking info on either package to determine! WTF

  6. Usps is normally very reliable and I speak of this from a residential as well as shipper at one time.
    It appears that USPS is having a complete and utter meltdown with December being especially revealing. exorbitant amount of packages that were even mailed Dec 6 , aren’t seeing their delivery and many seem to be stuck at distribution centers for days at a time.
    What is most disturbing is that USPS is claiming falsely that December timelines will be met..
    December 15 last mail date for Christmas arrival parcel post along with other erroneous arrival times according to the service

    I had a package that was mailed parcel select on December 9th 2020 from a origination that normally takes 3 days . It is now December 16, 2020 and my tracking number indicates that it’s at PHILADELPHIA PA NETWORK DISTRIBUTION CENTER . It arrived there on December 15, 2020 at 1:28 am .

    It’s currently 3:04 pm EST on Dec 16, 2020 and the tracking hasn’t updated and still reads as the above.

    This is appalling ..

  7. Mailed package on Dec. 15 deadline for Christmas delivery.
    Tracking Dec. 24 almost 8:00pm only states pkg. will be late. No estimated delivery date. From Colorado to Nebraska I have never had a package take more than 3 days. DISSAPOINTED – Little grandkids will also be dissapoined I’m sure.

  8. This is my tracking # UH02929***86US.. I already track this and i know when this package recieve by usps, departed and arrived in my country.. But please its almost two months still doesnt arrive.. Can USPS do something for me..??

  9. Same here I mailed package Dec. 14th still has not arrived at its destination and no updates on tracking since Dec. 18 this really sucks people need there medicine and an excuse dose not fix the problem

  10. Hello from Russia! God help to United States Post Services!
    By the way, there is some parcel since December 18th… But, never mind, I keep waiting.


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