USPS Registered Mail Service

Overview about the article:

USPS Registered Mail Service is a very important service that every USPS user needs to know. Some of you might be well aware about this service but there are many people who don’t have any idea about this.

If you are one of those people, then this article is for you. This article contains all the information that you needs to know about USPS Registered Mail Service. Read the full article carefully to clear your doubts.

USPS Registered Mail Service:

USPS Registered Mail Service is one of the best services offered by USPS in America. This service is generally used to provide an extra level of safety. If you are sending a confidential document through Registered Mail, Then you would want to use this facility over other services.

USPS Registered Mail insures upto an amount of $25,000 for events like theft, Burglery, damage during transit.

How to use USPS Registered Mail Service:

In order to avail this service, You need to follow some steps. The steps are described as follows:

  • You have to visit the post office personally in order to avail of this service.
  • Then you need to get the mails verified to enjoy the insurance and enhanced safety on those mails.
  • After the mail gets verified, you have to paste the unique bar code on the mail. Every USPS mail has a unique barcode that helps it to track it.
  • After pasting it and giving it at the USPS counter, They will provide you with tracking no through which you can stay updated about the whereabouts of your package.

Usually, people wonder how much time this service may take. The answer to this question is 10-14 days. This service is only suitable for those people who are in no hurry to deliver the package.

Who are eligible to use Registered Mail Service:

If you wish to avail USPS Registered Mail Service, Then first you need to avail these services.

  • First-Class Mail
  • Priority Mail
  • Collect-on-Delivery
  • USPS Tracking (packages only)
  • Restricted Delivery
  • Return Receipt
  • Signature Confirmation (packages only).

Is Registered Mail Service available for International users too ?

Yes, This facility is available for International Users also. For them, It’s called the International Registered Mail Service. With this service, the customers can send their packages and mails to different countries with an end to end security. One can be sure that their confidential package and mail will be delivered to any foreign destination in the most secure manner. However, some countries may have some restrictions on these.


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