USPS First Class Mail Service

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What is USPS First Class Mail Service:

This service is well known among USPS users. It is one of the most trusted and most widely used services of USPS. The delivery time for this service is very less as compared to other USPS services. USPS allows users to send Standard postcards, Letters, Large envelopes, Small packages.

Key features of USPS First Class Mail Service:

  • Delivery of package in this service is between 1-3 days.
  • This service is completely affordable.
  • One can combine this mail class with many other add-on USPS services like a signature confirmation to have a confirmed delivery.
  • For security purposes, there’s insurance too which covers up to 5000$.

Is First Class Mail service available with all Sizes ?:

For understanding the size restrictions, I will suggest you to go through the table below. here you will find everything you need to know about.

First Class Mail Item Weight (In oz.) Length (Maximum) Width (Maximum) Price Applicable (In $)
Postcard Max 1 oz. 6.00″ 4.5″ $0.34
Large Flat Envelope Max 13 oz. 15.00″ 12.00″ $0.98
Small Packages Max 15.99 oz. 22.00″ 18.00″ $2.61 and more
Letter Max 3.50 oz. 11.5″ 6.125″ $0.46

How to avail USPS First Class Mail Service:

For availing this service, you should look at the steps below:

  • Write the Complete address on the package and paste it properly.
  • Mention First class service on the package. If the nature of the package is “Fragile” or “Perishable”, then mention it too.
  • Hand over the package to the USPS official in the post office.
  • Pay full postage fee to avoid any inconvenience. If the payment is partly or incomplete, The package will not be delivered.

Delivery Time for First Class Mail Service:

Because First Class Mail Service is a premium service, It will not take more than 1-3 business days. It allows you to send things like cards, brochures, and lightweight merchandise and ensure the package to reach within First-Class shipping time.

For your Convinience, I have attached a First Class Time Map. Have a look at it.

usps First class mail delivery time

After seeing the map, you can see that it normally takes max. 3 days to ship your package almost anywhere in the United States. So, you can go with this mail class with the affordable prices


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