Can I pickup my USPS package before delivery


This article contains information about a question generally asked by people -” Can I pickup my USPS package before delivery”. It is a normal question and the people should know what to do if they want to collect the delivery of the package in person.

The answer to this question is “YES”. Any customer can pickup his USPS package before delivery. For this, he can choose whatever option he desires. We will discuss those options later.

Answer to the above Question- ” Can I pickup my USPS package before delivery “

Every post office in the USA receives mails between 4:00 am to 06:00 pm. The received package is handed to the courier service by 08:00 am so that the packages can be delivered to their respective owners. In case if the delivery carriers haven’t departed yet, then you can call the post office and instruct them to not deliver the package to you.

Calling the post office won’t guarantee you if they will hold the package or not as sometimes they dispatch before the time.

Options available to stop the delivery of the package for pickup:

There are two options available with customers who want to stop the delivery of the product for self pickup.

The options are as follows-

USPS Package Hold service:

United States service offer hold for pickup service with provides delivery to hold for pick up location. When the package holding is confirmed by the post office, they send you a notification regarding this on your email ID/ Phone no. However, this service is only available with Priority express mail. Once you hold the mail, You have to collect it personally because after that they won’t deliver the package to the delivery address without delivery charges.

USPS Package Interception service:

A person can use the package intercept delivery services if he decides to get his parcel before delivery. If you have any queries regarding that you can freely contact your post office. They surely will help you in this concern.

To avail this service, the Customer needs to contact his post office and ask if his package is eligible for interception. You need to login to your USPS account and ask them to give you the package before delivery. Once your request is approved, you can get your package before delivery.

The good thing is USPS hasn’t made many restrictions on USPS package interception. Only items having barcodes are eligible for interception.

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