USPS By Zip Code

USPS ZIP Code Lookup

A domestic ZIP Code number and other ZIP Code information (including ZIP+4 Codes) can be found through the ZIPCode Lookup tool on the search box above. Using the drop-down menu provided, you can search for a ZIP Code number by address, by city, by company, or you can find a city by ZIP Code. Simply fill in the appropriate fields (marked with a red asterisk) and then click the “Search” button. To find county information for an individual address, simply go to the ZIP Code lookup tool on and perform the following steps:
  • Type in an Address and City
  • Click “Search Button”
  • The complete address with ZIP Code will appear in the ZIP+4 lookup results
  • Underneath this information (directly below the city name), click on the “Mailing Industry Information” link
  • Specific county information for that address, as well as other pertinent mailing industry information, will display