USPS Tracking Not Updating: What Does That Mean?

The USPS tracking system provides you with detailed tracking for all your shipments. With every shipment, you will always receive a tracking number with which you can know the delivery status of your item at all times. Some of the information that the USPS tracking page includes are the delivery information, if available information, date and time of delivery, address of delivery.

The USPS has a top rated tracking system, high efficiency and reliability. However, sometimes, when you’re tracking your shipment, it is possible that you will see a message: “USPS Tracking Not Updating

This means that the location of the shipment is unknown or it hasn’t changed recently. There are always unforeseeable circumstances that can occur during the transportation of any shipment causing some delay in the delivery.

Below read why USPS Tracking Not Updating happens.

USPS Tracking Not Updating – Reasons

There are multiple reasons why you can’t see the updated information for the item that you’re tracking.

In order for the package to be scanned there are barcodes attached on the package which are being scanned regularly as it moves from facility to facility. This scanning also takes place several times until your package reaches its destination.

Every time the barcode is being scanned, you will get an update of the status of the shipment on your tracking dashboard.

It can be that the courier is using a malfunctioning scanner, that he forgot to scan the item or that the delivery has been interrupted for some reason.

It can be that your shipment is “out for delivery” but hasn’t been scanned in 14 hours or more, which causes the USPS to send an automated message at that point.

There is a possibility that the delivery worker finished his shift and left your item to be delivered the next day or he may have accidentally left it in the truck or taken it back to the delivery center.

Or maybe some unexpected circumstances may have caused a delay like a broken truck, a punctured tire or sickness of the driver.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions are another reason why your shipment might be in delay. Heavy rain, thunderstorms or snow can cause a big problem in traffic further delaying your item to even get to be scanned and delivered.

When the package travels between destinations, there are specific locations where it needs to be scanned, and due to unknown reasons it is possible that the item hasn’t been scanned at these locations therefore not showing the updated information.

It can also happen that the barcode is damaged not giving proper code to the scanner or preventing the item to be scanned altogether. This might give inaccurate information or no information about the shipment.

Package Not Scanned

Another reason for the “delivery status not updated” message is that the carrier is not scanning the shipment on purpose. Sometimes that can be during the holidays when there is a large number of packages to be delivered and so the USPS doesn’t scan packages in those situations to deliver all of the packages to a large number of recipients on time.

If you haven’t received the update for your package in more than a week, there is a great possibility that your package is on its delivery route but there was an unexpected turn of events that are preventing your item to continue traveling on its route.

USPS Tracking Not Updating – Solutions

In these cases, when your tracking number is not updating the status of your shipment you can just wait for a couple of days and see if your shipment arrives. If it doesn’t then you can call USPS and ask for information about your item or you can go to the last facility where the tracker is showing that your item got scanned.

When it comes to unexpected circumstances, it may be that your shipment will delay for one day, but sometimes it can even take a couple of days for your package to get to you.

You can also call the United States Postal Service customer service and ask for the information about your product. The number is 1800-ASK-USPS.

When you’re talking to the customer representative, you can ask him to give you the tracking details of your package and providing him with your USPS tracking number, after which he will make sure to provide you with the accurate information within 24-48 hours. There is 99% chance that you will get proper and accurate information from the USPS Customer Service.

Feedback from Customers

Here’s a good comment from the Amazon Services Seller Forum about this issue:

“Yep, this is a fact of life. USPS scanning happens when it happens. I would say that their scanning is reliable about 95% of the time, but that other 5% of orders can be a real pain.

I would also point out that there has been a major lag in USPS scans updating into Amazon tracking over the past few months – often it takes 1 to 2 days for the information you can see on to update to Amazon. Be sure you check the tracking number though and not just through Amazon if there’s an issue.

Complaining to USPS and/or your local postmaster can help sometimes. Additionally, packages that are hung up in the system somewhere can often be magically dislodged by opening a case with their customer service.”

Ways to Get Tracking Information

There are several ways you can get to the tracking information for your item.

  1. You can track your package online on the official website
  2. You can track your package by sending a text message including your tracking number to 2USPS (28777)
  3. You can track your package using a smartphone app for both Android and iOS
  4. You can track your package by calling the official USPS telephone number 1-800-877-8339

When the status is updated you will receive a message “out for delivery” which means you will probably receive your item soon after that message appears.

Tip: To make sure you receive your package, make sure you’re at home when it arrives or organize for somebody else to pick it up for you.


34 thoughts on “USPS Tracking Not Updating: What Does That Mean?”

  1. My package was mailed 12/4/20 it stopped tracking 12/8/20. It’s now 12/21/20. Can someone please help me find out what happened to my package. 9536 1121 5992 *** 2378 17
    Robin Crossley
    Case # 19243003

    • I was told that delivery of my package should have been Dec 23 – I have not received any update since.
      Tracking #42011413940***369930019388

    • Join the Missing Package Club…. my Package has been in transit since December 11th 2020
      # 950551057****342802077 I need help, too! It’s now over 30 days since I left my package I thought in good hands with USPS! I will never trust them again! USPS has lost my business over this… I am over this! I am so upset!

      Please Help!!!
      Thank You!

    • Mailed a package 12/14/20 priority mail. It sat at the Montgomery,Ohio post office til 12/21/20 when it was sent to the Cincinnati distribution center. From that point til 1/8/21 the tracking update was last on 12/21/20 saying “in transit”. Filed case with USPS BUT NO FOLLOW UP. Package still unknown status and no help from USPS. Worthless service !!!!!!

  2. My package was mailed Dec 8, 2020 yet tracking stopped Dec 13, 2020
    Tracking # 9505516179720343423271
    mailed from Queens, NY 11102 going to Coopersburg, Pa 18036

      • My package was due to be delivered December 18. However, on December 17, I got a message from tracking saying package would be delivered late and was still in transit. That was the last update I received from tracking. I have filed a missing package form to USPS. Today is January 2. This is crazy. My tracking number is 9400111***7369971 if anyone can help.

  3. My package was mailed Dec 3, 2020 and said it would arrive on Dec 9, 2020. It is now Dec 22, 2020 and there has been no update to my package’s location. ID: 4204411892***02104771
    I’d greatly appreciate it if someone could give me some answers.

  4. My package has stopped updating since December 10th. It is going to Geneva, Switzerland. Please help! Tracking # HH004916662US

  5. My package was mailed December 11, 2020, arrived on December 14 Florence Kentucky, December 19 5:32pm Cincinnati Ohio stopped tracking on Dec 21 12AM Tracking #9506115867620349614418. When will I receive my package? its the only thing my grandson is getting for Christmas. I need it before the 24th.

  6. My item shipped on Dec 14 with no tracking info ever. I contact the seller at amazon twice and the business having same issues with other customers shipping in usps. This sucks especially when you pay for shipping to guarantee before holiday delivery 😡

    • I shipped my item on the same day as you, the expected date the buyer would get it is on the 18th, but it never arrived and is “In transit” and never has updated, just the case I opened on it.

    • My rent check was sent certified mail on November 27th it never arrived. It was still in transit on December 2nd. I am very upset because it is very important. They can’t give me any further information.

  7. My package was sent from PA to MA on December 5th, it is December 23. My tracking was updated once as arriving late on December 9th and nothing since. I have also not had any response or help from USPS claims or lost packages department.

  8. My envelope was mailed Priority on 12-15-20 and stopped tracking on 12-20-20, it is now 12-23-20 and still no response from USPS. The package contained my grandkids presents for Christmas, I am 69 years old, and VERY upset this is happening to me.

  9. My package has been “stuck” at Memphis for a week. Nobody at the post office seems to know why. I’ve given up on the Christmas delivery I was expecting. So sad.

    • Not happening. Santa stopped working due to COVID. Meanwhile the Christmas gifts my kids were suppose to get for Christmas from their grandmother who lives in Georgia was mailed out on December 7, it has been sitting in a Harrisburg PA distribution center since the 18. Every time I check it say my package is in transit to the next facility. It only needs to make it to Greencastle PA, two maybe two and a half hours away.

  10. My package was mailed to Los Angeles on December 12th from Lancaster, PA and today December 26th still hasn’t been received.

  11. My package left Owensboro KY on Dec 18 it is now . Dec 29 and there has been no update as to where the heck my package is. It should not take this long to go from KY to SC. Sorry I’m not buying the covid or large volume excuse. It was supposed to arrive on the 21 where is it USPS

  12. my pkg was priority 1-2 day delivery bought on dec. 10, from savannah georgia going to griffin georgia, arrived in jax florida dec 11, left that same day. next tracking I receved was dec 15 IN TRANSIT. finally called someon dec 18. Got an email dec 19, my package just got to jax florida I guess it was touring fla. and now it is dec 31 and all I can find out is IN TRANSIT. Im sorry but 21 days and still no tracking info or delivery for a 2 day package is totally unacceptable. Especially since I have a mailbox full of non profit mail (junk mail) every day

  13. Shipped 8 packages from USPS Exposition in Los Angeles on December 12 and December 14. They made it to Bell Gardens and now it is January 2 without a single scan since. I opened Missing Mail inquiries and nothing. What is going on? Mail I shipped after has arrived. Massive fraud or theft or scam. Please investigate.

  14. Sounds like a lot of us are having the same issue. My package was sent on Dec. 18th, I got 1 update on the 23rd saying it was in transit to the next facility and then NOTHING!! I submitted a case online last week & still haven’t heard from anyone. Called them yesterday Jan 2nd and they weren’t able to tell me anything. IT’S BEYOND FRUSTRATING!! I realize things are tough at the post office right now but c’mon!! If it’s lost I wish they would just say so. I don’t want to hear that it’s on the way if it’s really not but that’s all they have to say. “it’s on the way” Thanks UPS customer service, that was a huuuge help!!! NOT!! 🙁

  15. Package dropped Dec 1st in Canada.
    Passed thru & on to Chicago IL on Dec 9th.
    Departed Chicago Distribution center on Dec 14th.
    Last update was Dec 18th “package to arrive later than expected. Currently in transit to next facility.”
    Havent had any update since then.
    Any ideas what to do next?

  16. My package is coming from Germany. It was mailed November 28, 2020. I have been checking daily. It has passed customs but has stuck in New York since December 24th with no movement. When can I expect my package.

  17. The USPS can rot. I will never use them again and I will advise others to do the same. No one that works there knows what is going on. They have more excuses then anything. Very poor management.

  18. My Package Left New York on December 7th it is now January 5th 2021. there have been no updates as to where the heck my package is. It should not take this long to go from NY to Florida. Sorry I’m not buying the covid or large volume excuse. It was supposed to arrive on the Dec 10-11, where is it USPS?

    • I bought something on ebay and it was shipped on the 6th and should have been here by now, no updates it just says its in transit, if I end up loosing money I will be furious.

  19. Time for the USPS – a federal organization – to make a statement about what is going on. Time for each and every postal employee to get back to working on processing the packages. All the efforts that the Postal service has made to encourage people to use the package service will be for nothing, if they don’t quickly fix this problem. We want the postal service to survive and prosper and regain the confidence of the people. These packages are just sitting in hundreds of different places.

  20. Wow, so I am not the only one that hasn’t had a package delivered. I mailed my package on 12/22/2020 and it is now 1/16/2020 and it hasn’t been delivered. The last update says there is a delay in delivery and that was provided to me on 1/2/2021.

  21. I’m trying to return a broken present to a company that has been giving me the runaround. I entered the tracking number it said it wasn’t a tracking number….did the company send me the wrong label? Tracking number is EP 9200 1902 2707 0617 56

  22. I dropped off my package December 11th at my local post office. Left it in the drop off window. Never got scanned. When I put in the tracking number all it says is that the package is waiting to be dropped off at the post office. Got absolutely no help from the Postal Service. Stood on hold for 2 hours and still couldn’t get through to anyone on the phone. Horrible service.

  23. I mailed a certified letter payment in full on credit card Jan. 19. The company received the check, it has posted on my bank website. But oddly the tracking number still indicates arriving late, still in transit to destination.

  24. I shipped my international package on December 15th. First, it went to the wrong destination, to Canada. Was sitting in Canada for for a week. Then, came back to California. Then went to New York, got to New York and still IN TRANSIT with no scanning updates. Now is FEBRUARY!!! Tracking #LH124217305US


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