USPS Return Receipt 3811 Form

usps return receiptUSPS Return Receipt

USPS Return Receipt is one of the special services provided by USPS to its customers. It is issued by USPS to its customers[Sender] after the shipment is delivered to its destination. The purpose of issuing this receipt is to confirm the customer that his shipment has successfully reached the destination. If you are curious to know about this service, then you have to read our full article.

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What is USPS Return Receipt Service ?:

This is a service in which the sender of the goods receives a receipt regarding the confirmation of the delivery of the goods. This service is also known by the name of ‘Green Card’ or ‘USPS return Label” ion some places of USA. The receipt can be of 2 types-

  • Hard copy of the receipt
  • Electronic copy/ Soft copy

The customer has both options. It is up to him what he wants. The most important thing to remember is that the mailer has to opt for this service at the time of mailing as they will not be able to add this service after placing the order.

What is USPS Form 3811:

If you want to avail of the USPS Return Receipt service, then you have to take USPS Form 3811. This form is available for both domestic and international orders. You might be wondering where you can find the form. If you are one of those people, then you should know that It is available at every post office in the US.

USPS Form 3811 consists of a bar code along with a tracking number. However, this tracking number is not like a normal tracking facility with which you can track your mail or items. But this tracking number helps to provide tracking information on the physical receipt of the mail.

Sample of USPS form 3811:

ps form 3811

Cost of using USPS Return Receipt Service:

If you want a physical receipt/Hard copy of the receipt, then you have to pay an amount of $ 2.75. On the other hand, if you opt for a Soft copy of the receipt, then you have to pay only $1.45. This service is also available with certified mail service. The physical return receipt of the mail will be a little costly and you will need to pay $6.10. But in case of electronic receipt of certified mail, you have to an amount of $4.80.


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