USPS Redelivery Service


What is USPS Redelivery ?

USPS Redelivery is a service in which a second delivery attempt is made to deliver the package. Reciepient may request a second delivery attempt if you don’t get the delivery on first time.This can happen as a result of invalidated addresses, over-sized or uniquely shaped packages.

In these circumstances, USPS carrier may leave a PS Form 3849. If you have missed your delivery, then you have 2 options:

  • Visit your local post office as your package might be waiting for you there.
  • you may schedule a Redelivery by going to To schedule a re-delivery, you will need your tracking number.

How to schedule a USPS Redelivery:

Calling the Post office: In order to schedule a USPS Redelivery, You can call your local post office at 1(800)275-8777.

Filling form 3849: You need to fill the form manually. After filling all the required details, It needs to be submitted back to the carrier. An unsecured location is not selected for an Unsecured package. On the other hand, If the carrier refuses, It is his responsibility to assign this task to someone else.

Scanning the available QR code: User may scan the QR code present on the form 3849 with his internet-connected smartphone. It is the fastest and the quickest way to schedule a redelivery.

Personally visiting the Post office: If you have not received your delivery, you may visit the post office for scheduling USPS Redelivery. You must sign the form in the appropriate section and write the name of the person who is picking the item up on your behalf. This option is not available for Registered Mail and mail-pieces with Restricted Delivery.

Calling the helpline no may stop the return of the package to the sender.

USPS Redelivery service for various types of mail:

For priority Mail:

In the case of Priority Mail Express, There’s no second attempt made for Redelivery automatically. In order to get the redelivery, the sender needs to fill the form 3849 and submit it to the carrier.

For Accountable Mail:

Like Priority Mail, There’s no second attempt made to redeliver the package without form 3849. The recipient needs to personally visit the post office to collect the package. He can also fill the form and submit it to carrier transporter.

For Ordinary Mailpiece:

In the case of Ordinary Mailpiece, carrier leaves form 3849 on the delivery location so that the recipient may schedule a redelivery.


After reading the above artice, I hope the concept of redelivery is clear to you. If not, there’s no need to panic. just drop a comment here and let us help you provide with the Information. For more articles on USPS. kindly visit our website.


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