USPS Prices (Rates) Priority Mail – First Class – Standard Post – Certified Mail [2018]


usps-priceUSPS rate increase effective January 21, 2018. 1st Class stamps increased from 49 cents to 50 cents  (use “FOREVER” Stamps.  Their value is always the current postage).

USPS Demestic Pricing & Rates [2018]

First Class Mail Rates & Prices

  • First class mail must be used for handwritten or personal correspondence (this includes all correspondence related to insurance, credit cards, investment or legal documents, invoices, checks and statements of account). This type of mail is sealed against postal inspection.

First Class Mail Rates – single piece rates
First ounce Letter size mail * $0.50
Each additional oz or fraction $0.21/oz up to 3.5 oz.
First ounce Flat size mail ** $1.00
Each additional oz. or fraction $0.21/oz. up to 13 oz.
Parcel  up to 4 oz*** $3.50 up to 4 oz.
4.1 oz up to 13 oz $0.25 up to 13 oz.
Standard Postcard **** $0.35

* Letters:  (min. dimension: 5″L, 3-1/2″H, 0.007″W;  max. dimension: 11-1/2″ L, 6-1/8″ H, 1/4″ W, max. weight 3.5 oz.).  Letter size mail over 3.5 ounces, see flat-size prices.

** Flats: (min. dimension: 11-1/2″ L, 6-1/8″ H, 1/4″ W; max. dimension: 15″ L, 12″H, 3/4″ W)

*** Packages:  Length + girth cannot exceed 108 inches (Retail Ground cannot exceed 130 inches)

**** Postcards: (min. dimension: 5″ L, 3-1/2″ H, 0.007″W; max. dimension: 6″L, 4-1/4″ H, 0.016″ W)

The United States Postal Service does not guarantee a specific time of delivery for first class mail. Letter size mail destined within 100 miles of Houston normally receives one to two day service.

Prority Mail Express, Prority Mail and package shipping Prices [Rates]

Priority Mail Express provides overnight service for letters, business documents, and parcels.  Guranteed delivery by 3 pm.; 10:30 am delivery if available, for an additional $5.00; and Sunday/Holiday delivery add $12.50.  This method provides tracking using a unique shipping number. This method can be used for assured delivery to domestic and international addresses.  Contact the Campus Post Office (ext. 4360) for mailing supplies.  (Post Office to Addressee Service).  $100 insurance included in the fee.  For rates go to

  • Domestic PRIORITY MAIL EXPRESS Prices:-
    • Flat-Rate Envelope – $24.70 (12 1/2″ x 9 1/2″)  (up to 70 lbs. regardless of weight or destination)
    • Legal size Flat Rate Envelope – $24.90 (up to 70 lbs. regardless of weight or destination)
    • Padded Flat Rate Envelope: $25.40
    • Flat Rate Boxes eliminated as of 1/17/16
    • For Sunday/holiday delivery, add $12.50
  • DOMESTIC Priority Mail has day-specfic service (not guaranteed) with estimated transit times of either 1-Day, 2-Days or 3-Days based on the distance between the origin and destination ZIP codes.  A quick method to send packages economically within the United States. The shipments are now trackable; enhanced USPS Tracking is now included automatically at no additional cost.  $50 insurance automatically included without additional charge for loss, damage, and missing merchandise.  First Class Maill automatically becomes Priority Mail if it is more than 13oz, up to a maximum weight of 70 pounds.  Free Flat Rate envelopes and boxes are available at a flat price to any U.S. destination regardless of the actual weight and destination.The following flat rate envelopes and boxes are available:
    • Priority Flat-Rate Envelope (12 1/2 x 9 1/2)  $6.70
    •  Padded Flat Rate Envelope – $7.25
    • Legal Flat Rate Envelope – $7.00
    • SMALL Priority Mail Flat-Rate Box – $7.20
    • MEDIUM Priority Mail Flat-Rate Boxe – $13.65
    • LARGE Priority Mail  Flat-Rate Box – $18.90 (domestic addresses)
    • LARGE Priority Mail Flat-Rate Box – $17.40 (APO/FPO/DPO destination addresses
  • Priority Mail parcels that exceed 1 cubic foot and are addressed to Zones 5-9 that exceed one cubic foot are charged based on the actual weight or the dimensional weight, whichever is greater.
  • Parcels addressed for delivery to zones 1-4 (including local) that weigh less than 20 pounds but measure more than 84 inches in combined length and girth (but not more than 108 inches) are charged the applicable price for a 20-pound parcel (balloon price) based on the applicable zone.

Presorted First Class Domestic Mail Rates (DEPARTMENTAL MAIL ONLY)

  • Letter mail, up to 3 oz., sent from the departmens is processed as Presorted First Class mail. This process applies an Intelligent Mail (IMb) barcode to each piece and identifies recipients having a change of address registered with the United States Postal Service. The process of adding the barcoding and correcting addresses expedites the mail through the USPS distribution stream, frequently reducing several days in delivery.
  • Domestic Flat-size mail includes letter mail over 3.5 oz.  This mail is processed in the most economical manner by Delivery Services staff. In most cases it is sent as First-Class mail.  It becomes Priority Mail at 13.1 oz.
    • This mail can be sent as bound printed matter if the contents include a bound piece, defined as a permanently bound (stapled, spiral, glued) item. The piece is sent at parcel rate and takes approximately 3 days longer than First- Class mail. Maxiumum weight limit is 15 pounds.
    • All mail with an address change is returned to the department with the coding of COA and a new address on it. To resend such mail, place it in a fresh envelope directed to the new address and place it into the campus system with your departmental mail card to be metered .
  • International Mail : International mail is handled through an authorized USPS international consolidator. Letters are sent as International Priority Airmail (IPA). Flats are sent as International Surface Air Lift (ISAL). These pieces carry fixed US postage plus a poundage rate based on destination. The mail is airlifted to the destination country, deposited into that country’s mail system, and handled as priority mail to its destination. All countries participate in the International Postal Services union, and this procedure is part of its service. This method should be used for mail directed to Latin America and developing Pacific Rim countries, as well as strife-torn countries.
    • International parcels are processed through the USPS directly. Each piece must bear customs forms if the package weighs 16 oz or more, regardless of contents. Contact the Campus Post Office at extension 4360 for specifics on which customs form is required.
  • All Customs Forms have to be completed online.  Go to and complete the online form.  Print out and attach all copies to the parcel with your departmental mailing card.  

USPS International Pricing & Rates [2018]

  • The changes introduced the familiar and trusted USPS domestic product names – First-Class Mail®, Priority Mail®, and Express Mail® service – into the international product portfolio for retail customers.  Shaped-based pricing is introduced with separate prices for letters, large envelopes (flats) and packages (small packets).  This change aligns the price structure with the domestic First-Class Mail structure implemented May 2007.  The weight limit for letters is 3.5 ounces, and the weight limit for large envelopes and packages remains 64 ounces.
  • The nonmachinable surcharge of 21 cents applies to all letters weighing up to 3.5 ounces (the same as domestic First-Class Mail letters).  The total number of country price groups expanded to nine – aligning the First-Class Mail International price groups with the price groups for Priority Mail International and Express Mail International.
    • Priority Mail Express International  :  (formerly Global Express Mail)  provides reliable, 3-5 buiness day delivery to more than 190 countries with money-back delivery guarantee to select destinations. Tracking is available.   Specific average-days-for-delivery information to major destinatiaons is available via URL: as well as Post OfficesFlat-Rate envelope $23.75
    • Flat Rate Envelopes (max. weight 4 lbs.) pricing starts : $43.0
    • Priority Mail International :(formerly Airmail Parcel Post, Economy Parcel Post, Global Priority Mail)  – available to more than 190 countries, 6-10 business day delivery and the same flat-rate packaging options as domestic Priority Mail Service. Maximum weight is 70 lbs.
      • Flat Rate Envelope ( 15″ x 9 1/2″) with a maximum weight of 4 lbs $24.95 (Canada only)
      • Small Flat Rate Priced Boxes (Max weight 4 lbs) $25.95 (Canada only)
      • Medium Flat Rate Boxes (max. weight 20 lbs.) $47.75 (Canada only)
      • Large Flat Rate Boxes (max. weight 20 lbs.) $62.35 (Canada only)
    • First-Class Mail International :(formerly Airmail Letter Post, Economy Letter Post)  This service provides a reliable and econmical means of sending correspondence (e.g. letters and postcs), documents, and lightweight merchandise weighing up to 4 pounds.  Extra services, such as Registered Mail and Return Receipt, may be added on a country-specific basis.
      • Letters up to 1 ounce – $1.15 (for nonmachinable letters the surcharge is $0.21)
      • Postcards – $1.15 to all countries
      • Large Envelopes – $2.29 first ounce to all countries
      • Contact the campus Post Office (ext. 4360)  for additional information and mailing supplies for Priority Mail and Express Mail and Flat Rate envelopes and boxes.


Delivery Service maintains U.S. Postal Service Firm Mailing Books that include details on each item that is sent through campus mail as insured, certified, or registered mail.

USPS Registered Mail

Registered mail should be used for the protection of monies, critical documents, jewelry, and other items of value. This service is available for domestic and international mail.

The shipper is required by law to declare the full value of each item presented for registration.

  • Negotiable items – Full value
  • Non-negotiable items – No value or replacement cost
  • Money – Full value
  • Jewelry, gems and precious metals – Market value or cost
  • Merchandise – Market value or cost

The USPS provides indemnity of up to $25,000 in the event of loss or damage for an additional fee. Should the value of items exceed $25,000, contact the Campus Post Office.  The following fees are in addition to postage.

USPS Certified Mail :

Certified mail should be used for mailing important documents, notices and first class items of no monetary value. This is a domestic service only. Return receipts for Registered and Certified mail must have a department and mail stop number to assure they are returned to the originating department.

Extra Services
Certificate of Mailing $1.40
Certified Mail $3.45
USPS Tracking (formerly Delivery Confirmation) Priority Mail FREE
USPS Tracking – First-Class Mail (parcels only) – Retail FREE
USPS Tracking – Standard Post FREE
USPS Tracking – Package Service FREE
Registered Mail Fee $11.90 and up (depending on declared value) in addition to postage
Return Receipt* (requested at time of mailing) in conjuction with another extra service $2.75  hard copy; $1.50 electronic
Return Receipt for Merchandise $4.20 (requested at time of mailing)
Signature Confirmation First-Class Mail (parcels only) (retail) $2.55 electronic; $3.00 retail
Signature Confirmation Priority Mail $2.55 electronic, $3.0 retail
Signature Confirmation Parcel Select $2.55 electronic
Signature Confirmation Retail Ground $2.45 electronic; $3.00 retail
Signature Confirmation package service (Library Mail, Media Mail, Bound Printed Matter $2.55 electronic; $3.00 retail

USPS Insurance Cost :

Insured mail provides indemnity coverage for First Class, Parcel Post, and Priority Mail. Maximum coverage is $5,000. The mail pieces have the same delivery schedule as Priority Mail. Delivery Services maintains United States Postal Service Firm Mailing Books that include details on each item sent as registered, certified, or insured and processed through Delivery Services’ normal procedures.

Insured Mail Rates
Up to $50 $2.10
$50.01 to $100 $2.70
$100.01 to $200 $3.40
$200.01 to $300 $4.50
per each addt. $100 up to $5,000 $1.15

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