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Download USPS Post Office Boxes Online key steps document

This USPS Post Office Boxes Online key steps document will keep you on track as you navigate through the USPS Post Office Boxes Online application. Links within the document will guide you through:

  • Searching for an available PO Box™ online
  • Reserving a PO Box™
  • Payment and billing information / confirmations
  • Confirmation page
  • Applying to and reserving off the waitlist
  • Managing a PO Box™ online
  • Renewing a PO Box™ online
  • Editing automatic renewal
  • Linking a PO Box™ online
  • Closing a PO Box™ online
  • Getting support online

Landing Page

  • You can log in to ‘Manage PO Box’ accounts on the Post Office Boxes Online application landing page.
  • Search for or reserve a new PO Box™, renew a PO Box™ or link a PO Box™ to an account.USPS PO BOX Landing Page with Boxes

Getting Support Online

  • On the ‘Get Support’ page, you can search frequently asked questions (FAQs) by typing in the search bar or selecting any of the ‘Getting Started’ basic topics for common FAQs.
  • Contact information is available for technical support or if you need to speak with a Care Center agent.

USPS Online Support

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