USPS Package Refusal and Return


Concept of USPS Package Refusal:

A recipient may refuse the package when it’s delivered to him. In case of refusal of the package, It is sent back to the sender of the package. Package refusal will only be valid if the receiver of the package doesn’t sign the receipt of delivery.

Conditions when package refusal&return can be done:

  • The Recipient of the package must not sign the acknowledgment receipt. If the recipient has signed the receipt, he cannot refuse the package then.
  • If you have accepted the package, You may return the package in a specified time period. Beyond that time period, Package can’t be returned.
  • If the received package is in damaged condition, you can simply reject the delivery of the package.
  • If the contents of the package are missing, In this case, the recipient can return the product to the sender.
  • When the USPS package doesn’t belong to you at all. You are eligible to return/refuse it.

Steps of USPS Package Refusal and Return

  • If the package is on its way to you or has already reached you, You need to inform the post office about the same.
  • If the package has already reached you then you need to write refused on the package at the time of delivery.

For the following items given, you can return the pieces without giving any postage and for the certain item, you have to pay postage.

  • Pieces sent as Registered Mail, Certified Mail, insured,  collect on delivery (COD), Adult Signature and return receipt for merchandise.
  • Response mail to the addressee’s sales promotion, solicitation, announcement or other advertisements that were not denied when offered to the addressee.

Package refused due to wrong/Incomplete credentials:

There are chances when your package is delivered to your neighbor by mistake and he has refused to accept the delivery. In this case, the post office service[USPS] will call you to inform about your package. They may ask you to collect the package from the Post Office or may send a delivery guy to deliver the package.


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