USPS Notification Alert : IF someone track your Mail or Post secretly


USPS Has recently introduced a new features for “Informed Delivery” service that could potentially allow snoops to read scanned images of another person’s or business’ mail, the USPS is reportedly now sending out snail mail notifications to individuals to make sure that they knowingly have been signed up for the program.

The main issue was how people signed up for USPS Informed Delivery service, which as of last month had more than 8 million subscribers. It was a free online process that involved some security measures, but not nearly enough to keep the concept entirely safe. And we all know hackers and identity thieves are always looking for ways to get your information.

USPS Informed Delivery Features :

  • The USPS started new security features that now has them alert all households by mail (yes, snail mail) when someone in the house signs up for Informed Delivery. If your address is entered into the system, a note will be sent to inform that is the case. So, if you don’t remember registering, that’s a red flag, and you might want to head to the post office personally to straighten it all out.
  • Another new security measure involves a change of address. If you file a change, USPS will not automatically transfer the Informed Delivery service to the new address. Instead, it will send a letter with a special code that is tied to the new address as well as the username for the person who requested the change. To complete the change, the code will need to be entered using that very account.
  • USPS has responded — informing him that as of Feb. 16, the government agency has been sending the aforementioned mailed alerts to any address that signs up for Informed Delivery.
  • If someone who previously registered for the service posts a change of address request, the USPS “sends a mailer with a special code tied to the new address and to the [online] username that requested the change. To resume Informed Delivery at the new address, that code needs to be entered online using the account that requested the address change.”

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