USPS International Return Receipt

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This article is on one of the most trending topics of USPS. The name of the topic is “USPS International Return Receipt“. If you are a USPS user and curious about this topic, then this article is for you. Here, you will find all the information about USPS International Return Receipt.

Return receipt is the services that provides the sender with the evidence of delivery. In our previous article, we divided it into two types-

  • Domestic Return receipt
  • International Return Receipt

In this article, we will only discuss the International Return Receipt. Please read the full article carefully so that your doubts can get clear.

What is International Return Receipt:

USPS International Return Receipt is a service provided by USPS to its customers. The purpose of starting this service is to ensure the customer that their packages will be shipped and delivered in time. For taking an International return receipt, you need to fill PS Form 2865.

When the Delivery of the product is done, the delivery guy gets the form signed by the recipient and sends it back to the sender of the goods.

International Return Receipt Sample:

PS Form 2865 - Page 1

PS Form 2865 - Page 2

Cost of using International Return Receipt:

If you are a First Class Mail user, it will cost nearly 3.85 $. Whereas,if you are a Priority Express Mail user, it will cost you 3.85 $. You should remember that these prices are for International Service that’s why it is costly than Domestic Mail Receipt.

Important tips to remember while taking International Return Receipt:

  • International Return Receipts cannot be viewed online. The user is given a physical copy of the receipt.
  • Availability of Return receipts depends upon country to country.
  • This service is only available at the time of mailing with Priority Mail or Registered Mail Insurance.


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