UPS Tracking Number with Latest Sample

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Hello friends.!!!, Just like our other articles, we have come up with a new article for you. The name of the article is UPS Tracking Number with Latest Sample. If you are one of those guys who are looking for the topic, then this article is for you.

As you all are aware, UPS is a multinational organization that provides different delivery services to its customers all around the world. UPS Tracking is one of those features. Some of you guys might have heard about this whereas some of you haven’t. After reading this article, all your doubts will be clear regarding UPS Tracking.

What is UPS Tracking Number:

UPS Tracking Number is a unique code assigned to the packages. By using this UPS Tracking Number, a user can get the real time updates regarding the package. UPS includes this service with almost all the shipments. For using this UPS shipping number, you don’t need to pay extra amount. All you need to pay for is the postage and not for the tracking service.

Some people also call it by the name of UPS Tracking ID.

The tracking number also contains a Barcode which gets scanned at different facilities. As the order proceeds to the new destination, it get scanned and updated in short intervals. It is an 18 character number. For more information on UPS Tracking Number, continue reading the article.

Here, I will break down the Tracking Number into small parts for your consideration-

  • The first two letters of the UPS tracking number are always 1Z.
  • After that, the next 6 characters are the shipper number.
  • Next two digits are the service level indicator.
  • The last 8 digits is the number that is used to identify one’s package.

Sample for Tracking Number:

UPS tracking number

Where can I find UPS Tracking Number:

If you have placed your order physically then you can find the UPS Tracking Number on the Order receipt. On the other hand, if you have placed an online order then you can log in into the UPS account and find the details about the order there.

Where is my UPS Tracking Number on the Receipt:

If you are among those people who can’t find your Tracking Number on the order receipt then, please remember that it contain 18 characters. It is the longest number on the receipt. For your consideration, you can look at the sample above.


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