Refunds of USPS First-Class Mail International | First-Class Package International Service | Priority Mail International Services Eligible


USPS Payment optionsYou may request a refund on First-Class Mail International®, First-Class Package International Service, and Priority Mail International items when postage, extra service fees, or other charges have been paid on:

  • Items for which full service was never fulfilled.
  • Items for which you overpaid.
  • Undeliverable-as-addressed items under 771.51 (Undeliverable Mail section of International Mail Manual), for which return charges were incorrectly calculated.

If you sent the mailpiece and are requesting a refund, submit the following to the postmaster of the Post Office from which the items were mailed:

  • Duplicate applications on PS Form 3533, Application and Voucher for Refund of Postage, Fees, and Services. PS Form 3533 may be picked up at your local Post Office.
  • When available, the envelope or wrapper, or the portion with such details as the names and addresses of the sender and addressee, canceled postage, and postal markings.
  • Any other evidence of postage paid, or charges for which refund is desired.

The Postmaster determines if you have met the refund eligibility requirements. Click below for more information:

  • Full Refund
  • No Refund

USPS Full Refund

A full refund (100%) may be made when:

  1. The USPS is at fault.
  2. Postage or fees are paid in excess of the lawful price.
  3. Service to the country of destination is suspended.
  4. Postage is fire-scarred while in USPS custody (including in the letterbox), and the mail is returned to sender without service.
  5. Fees are paid for special handling, Certified Mail services, USPS Tracking, or USPS Signature Services, and the article fails to receive the extra service for which the fee is paid.
  6. Surcharges are mistakenly collected on domestic Registered Mail or collected over the proper amount, or represented by stamps affixed to matter not actually accepted for registration.
  7. Fees are paid for return receipt or for any extra service restricted delivery option, and the USPS (through fault or negligence) fails to furnish the return receipt or its equivalent, or makes erroneous delivery or nondelivery.
  8. An annual presort mailing fee is paid for Presorted First-Class Mail, USPS Marketing Mail, or a destination entry mailing fee is paid for Bound Printed Matter Flats and no mailings are made during the corresponding 12-month period. The permit holder should request a credit to its advance deposit account, unless an advance deposit account is not used or is unavailable and a refund is requested.
  9. Customs clearance and delivery fees are erroneously collected.
  10. Fees are paid for registry or insurance service on mail addressed to a country to which such services are not available, unless claim for indemnity is made.
  11. Priority Mail Express is not delivered according to the applicable service standard, except as provided in 9.5.5.
  12. If a First-Class Mail, First-Class Package Service — Retail, First-Class Package Service — Commercial, USPS Retail Ground or Package Services mailpiece is torn or defaced during USPS handling so that the addressee or intended delivery point cannot be identified. Where possible, the damaged item is returned with the postage refund.
  13. Under the terms of a contract between a contract postal unit (CPU) and the USPS for unused postage printed by the CPU.

USPS Postage and Fee Refunds Not Available

USPS Refund are not made for the following:

  1. An application fee to use permit imprints.
  2. Collect on delivery (COD), Priority Mail Express insurance, insured mail, and Registered Mail fees, after the USPS accepts the article (even if the article is later withdrawn from the mail).
  3. Unused adhesive stamps (may be exchanged under 9.1).
  4. Adhesive stamps affixed to unmailed matter.
  5. Unused Priority Mail Forever Prepaid Flat Rate packaging. Only same packaging exchanges may be made directly through the Express and Priority Mail Supply Center (EPMSC) by calling 800-610-8734. Exchanges are only authorized when the unused packaging, purchased by credit card from, arrives in damaged condition.
  6. For postage (and/or fees for extra services not rendered) when a postmarked (round-dated) mailing receipt, retail Post Office mailing receipt or valid USPS acceptance/mail processing scan events are not available.
  7. For undeliverable Certified Mail, return receipt for merchandise, and Signature Confirmation extra service fees, when the mailpiece has received an event scan that indicates an attempted delivery (e.g., UAA, Refused, etc.).
  8. For fees paid for extra services, as allowed under 9.2.3, when refund request is made by the mailer less than 10 days, or more than 60 days, from the date the service was purchased, unless otherwise authorized by the manager, Revenue and Field Accounting (see 608.8.0 for address).


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