How to Hold USPS Mail during Vacation.

Overview about the article:

Vacation is something that everyone wants to spend with their loved ones in a new place. But people might miss their vacations just because they have a important package to receive too. But not anymore. USPS has come up with a service called USPS Hold Mail Service.

If you are a USPS user and looking for answers about this topic, Then you are at the right place. In this article, I will write everything you need t know about Hold My Mail Service. You should read the whole article carefully to find the solution.

What is USPS Hold Mail Service:


USPS Hold mail service is a special service for USPS users. In this service, A user can stop the delivery of his USPS Shipment for a particular period of time. This service is commonly used by people when they are out of town.

Some people don’t believe in service. They prefer leaving their package with neighbour but It is wrong. You may ask your neighbor to receive the package on your behalf but the safety and privacy of the shipment is your responsibility, Due to this reason, USPS decided to launch this service for USPS users.

Different alternatives when you are on Vacation:

  • In the first alternative, You can hold your USPS Mail by contacting the nearest USPS post office.
  • You can also opt-in for this service by using the Internet. It is a fast and secure way of ensuring that your Mails are on hold
  • Contacting your neighbor to pick up the mails from your Mailbox.

Different ways for taking this USPS Service:

Offline Process:

For taking USPS Hold Mail service by Offline means, you need to visit your nearest post office and fill Hold my Mail form. After filing the form, submit it to the counter.

Online Process:

  • Visit the USPS Website and register on it before 30 days of your vacation.
  • Now go to USPS Hold Mail Request under the Manage your mail tab.
  • After that you need to fill all the required details and check for Availability in US Postal Service Hold Mail form.
  • Submit the filled details and save the confirmation details.

USPS Helpline details:

USPS also helps its customers if they ever have any queries. The only thing you need to do is contact them on their helpline number.

Phone number: 800-275-8777

Email : For email, you can directly visit to the below link and send a direct email to USPS regarding your problem and later you will receive back the email with a solution.


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