How to get rid of Spam Mails in USPS

Overview about the article:

Junk mail is something that no one likes. Junk mails are sometimes referred as Spam mails. Majority part of our mail are filled with these scraps and unwanted substances. So we decide to write an article on this topic to teach you How yo get rid of Spam Mails in USPS.

If you are one of those people who are looking for solutions, then you are at the right place. Every USPS user should know these alternatives. Please read the whole article carefully.

What is Junk/Spam Mails ?

Junk Mail is something that you recieve on your Mailbox and is of no use. Common examples of Spam Mails are Credit card offers, Insurance related posts, Promotions and advertisements.

These are generally sent by the business to their customers. The main purpose is to promote their goods and services. USPS helps the marketers in developing their business by providing them information about Customers. Information includes Name of customer, Contact details, Address of the customer, etc.

Some people panic when they hear these things. But in reality, you don’t need to worry. Read the whole article to find the best solution to your problem.

Different ways to Stop Junk Mails:

  • Writing an application to Mail preference services: It is a great way to stop junk mails. After receiving your E-Mail, These services will exclude your name from their Mailing lists. In this way, you can stop receiving Spam Mails.
  • Avoid filling survey forms: If you start avoiding these survey forms, The quantity of Spam will reduce to a much great extent.
  • Returning Unknown Item to the Sender: Whenever you receive a package of the previous owner, In this case, you should return it to the sender on the spot. Just write Return to Sender on the envelope and put it back into the mailbox.
  • Contact USPS helpline no: It is also a good option if you are frustrated with Spam/Junk Mails. Contact them on their helpline no 800.275.8777 /7.
  • Formal Letter to USPS: If none of the options above were effective, then you can write a letter containing your dissatisfaction to USPS Consumer Affairs Department and send it to:

Consumer Affairs Policy & Program Development
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW
WA DC 20260-0004


We hope the letter was upto your expectations. The above solutions are the most effective among any other solution. If these solutions were of no use then just drop us a message in comment box. We are happy to assist you with a different solution.

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