What are some Common Solutions for USPS.com Website Problems?


Solving usps.com Website Problems

What if I get a website message like “The system is unable to respond to that query” or “Please try again later”?

This message indicates the system is busy or out of service.  As with any Internet system, performance can be adversely affected by many outside influences.  If you receive this type of message, please try again.

Why am I having problems with speed as I move through the usps.com website?

This website has been designed to perform at optimal speed. Heavy traffic on the Internet might affect the speed at which you are able to move through this website. We are constantly working to improve our performance and infrastructure.

What are the steps for clearing internet browser cache in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome?

Internet Explorer

  • Clearing Cache/History:
    • With your browser window open, press F12
    • Click on the “Network” tab in the popup
    • Underneath the “Network” tab, click on the rectangle icon with the small red x to clear your memory cache
  • Enabling Cookies:
    • Select “Tools” from the toolbar at the top of your screen, and select “Internet options”
    • On the “Privacy” tab, under “Settings” click on “Advanced”
    • Ensure that “Accept” is selected for “First-party Cookies” and “Third-party Cookies”
  • Ensuring Encryption is 128 Bit:
    • Right click on the webpage and select “Properties”
    • On the “Connection” line, verify that you are using “128 bit encryption” or higher
    • If your browser’s encryption is less than 128 Bit, please see the Netscape website for information on upgrading your browser

Google Chrome

  • Clearing Cache/History:
    • On the top right of your window, click on the three-dots icon to bring up the options menu
    • Select “More tools” and click on “Clear browsing data”
    • In the popup, click on “Clear Browsing Data”

  • Enabling Cookies:
    • On the top right of your window, click on the three-dots icon to bring up the options menu
    • Click on “Settings”
    • On the bottom of the screen click on “Advanced”
    • Under “Privacy and Security” click on “Content Settings”
    • Click on “Cookies”
    • Ensure that “Allow sites to save and read cookie data” is toggled On

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