USPS Change of Address – How to change address with USPS ?

In this article we will discuss about address change procedure about the mail boxes, parcels, letters & packages ordered through united states post and their relative post offices in United States.  There are multiple ways to request change address.  The start date on the COA can be up to 30 days in the past, or up to 90 days in the future, from the current date.

Options to Change address with USPS 

You can change address by online request or filling for of PS 3575 with your nearest post. Lets looking in the deep by the following methods.

  1. Online Address Change request :

    Lets Look How to change address online by following this steps mentioned here for Individual. Its total 5 layer process. Out of this five stages will discuss 1st level of Change request as per the following steps:-

    1. Go to >>

      USPS Address change
      USPS Address change : Online

    2. Select : Who is Moving Option , Under which you have to decide whether address change requires for the following :-
      1. Individuals : We will elaborate here following steps for individual in step 3 to 8.
      2. Family
      3. Business Address Change
    3. Fill Contact Information :- In this step , You have to fill Name, Email & Phone number before proceeding further.
    4. Select Whether address change in Permanent or temporary : Choose an option to let us know which type of move you’re making with this change-of-address. If you’re unsure, select an option for more information about that type of move.
    5. Select Mail Forwarding Date : Here you need to mention from when address change will be effected.  The date you enter must not be more than 30 days prior to today, or more than 3 months from today. Mail should arrive at your new address 7-10 postal business days after your move effective date OR your file date, whichever date is later. More easily,  The start date on the COA can be up to 30 days in the past, or up to 90 days in the future, from the current date
    6. Mention Your Old address : This is the address you’re moving from. Enter a valid address, and remember to include apartment/suite number if applicable.
    7. Fill your new address : This is the address you are moving to. Enter a valid address, and remember to include apartment/suite number if applicable.
    8. Pay Online Payment : You need to complete the Online Change-of-Address you will need a valid email address as well as a valid credit or debit card for the $1.05 charge.
  2. Offline Method : Form PS 3575

    Filling physical Form PS 3575 at nearest post office. This form is only available at USPS post office & no longer be printed from your home computer. PS 3575 form looks like this :-

    Change address PS_Form_3575
    Change address PS_Form_3575

What is Cost of Address Change ?

Officially USPS Charges a $1.05 for only identity validation fee which you have to pay online with address change request on You may use debit or credit card in case of paying online. You may fill PS form 3575 , if you do not want to pay money by rushing to nearest USPS Post office. It free of cost to change address by PS Form 3575.

Important :  There are third party sites that will charge you price of $40.00 or more to present your Change of Address. The Postal Service isn’t subsidiary with the organizations that own these destinations and, lamentably, won’t have the option to help you, or offer any discounts for movement on ANY non-USPS site. On the off chance that something turns out badly while recording a COA on a non-USPS site, you should contact the money related foundation that gave the Mastercard for goal. To guarantee the best help, consistently use for all Change of Address exercises.

What is required to file change of address online ?

  • Go to >> Fill out online form at
  • Payment :
    • $1.05 identity validation fee required
    • Eligible Credit/Debit Cards (no prepaid or gift cards):
    • MasterCard
    • Visa
    • Discover
    • American Express
  • Email Address: Email address required
  • Military addresses are eligible
    • If you are moving from a military address, your email address must end in “.gov” or “.mil”

What is required to file change of address by PS Form 3575 ?

  • Go to >> Nearest Post Office , Pick up a Mover’s Guide at your local Post Office and follow all instructions
  • Payment :
    • No fee required , It free at Post office.
    • International addresses (moving TO an international address) are eligible by using the Mover’s Guide only; International COA cannot be completed online.

What is the Mover’s Guide Online?

The Mover’s Guide is a packet with the Change of Address Order (PS Form 3575), directions on finishing the structure, and coupons offering limits for related moving administrations. On the off chance that you decide to finish your COA demand on the Internet, Mover’s Guide Online presents certain coupons and extraordinary proposals for moving or getting comfortable to your new home. You can print the offers quickly, or have them sent as an instant message to your cell phone.

Online Security

Security of a client’s very own data is critical to the USPS. We utilize a few strategies to limit the opportunity that client information will get known external our framework and to forestall fake Change of Address (COA) demands.

  • Secure Server – Encryption Technology.
  • Credit / Debit Card Address Verification.
  • The online Change of Address application allows a customer to submit a Change of Address using a “third” address for validation. This option requires that the move effective date is at least 7 days in the future to allow the Move Validation Letter to reach the old address.

Change of address Types : Individual, Family, or Business

Situation Individual Family Business
One person only is changing their address Select Individual Move N/A N/A
Multiple persons with different last names One for each person changing their address N/A N/A
Some members of family changing their address, others not One for each person changing their address N/A N/A
Entire family, all have same last name Select Individual if filing separate requests for each person moving Select Family Move N/A
One or more individuals with same last name changing their address, but moving to different addresses One for each person changing their address N/A N/A
Entire business changing its address N/A N/A One COA covers entire company
Entire business changing its address; however, mail is received in different names N/A N/A Complete a separate COA for the primary Business Names (do not file COAs for an individual or a business entity or other organization associated with the business)
Business moving to a residence N/A N/A Select Business Move
Individual(s) or family moving to a foreign country
  • Not allowed online
  • Go to your local Post Office
Individual/family moving from a business address
  • Not allowed
  • A Change of Address may not be filed with the USPS for an individual’s mail addressed to an organization, or to the individual at his or her place of employment, business, or other affiliation either during or after the termination of the employment, business, or other relationship.  The organization may change the address (but not the name) on mail to redirect it to such individuals. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the business to forward an individual’s mail.
Individual/family moving from residence to business Select Individual if filing separate requests for each person moving Select Family Move if everyone moving has the same last name N/A
Individual/family/business COA from a CMRA(Commercial Mail Receiving Agency) address
  • Not allowed. You may not file a COA from a CMRA
  • The CMRA (not the United States Postal Service®) is solely responsible for forwarding mail intended for individuals after the agency / recipient relationship has terminated
  • CMRAs that do forward the mail are required to put new postage on the mail
  • A CMRA must accept and re-send mail to former customers for at least 6 months after termination of the agency relationship
  • After the 6-month period, the CMRA may refuse mail addressed to a former customer
Individual/family/business COA to a CMRA(Commercial Mail Receiving Agency) address You may file a COA request to a CMRA
Individual/family/business new address is a PO Box Check individual, family, or business depending on Move Type

Get Change of Address Confirmation

  • Subsequent to planning a Change of Address (COA), USPS will immediately mail, to the location you are leaving, a Move Validation Letter (MVL) to approve the move.
  • Inside 5 Postal business days before the COA start date, you will likewise get a Customer Notification Letter (CNL) or a Welcome Kit via the post office at your new location. The CNL and Welcome Kit contain your Confirmation Code. Clutch the Code to handily make changes or drop your COA request. Without the Code, you’ll need to visit a Post Office to change or drop your COA request.
  • On the off chance that you presented your Change of Address (COA) on the web, you will get the MVL and CNL referenced previously. Moreover, you will likewise get a Change of Address Confirmation through email containing the Confirmation Code. Once more, try to hold the Code for future changes/scratch-offs.
  • Important *Due to protection and security issues, USPS doesn’t give copy COA affirmation letters aside from uncommon or bizarre conditions. In those conditions, an expense of $55.00 will be charged.
  • For More Go to >> USPS Change of Address Confirmation

On the designated Change of Address (COA) start date, USPS stops delivering mail to your previous address. As we redirect mail to your new address, you can expect it to start arriving within 7-10 Postal business days from the COA start date.

  1. Temporary COA forwarding time limits: The minimum time period for temporary forwarding is 15 days. Temporary COAs, or seasonal forwarding, provide forwarding of mail to a temporary address for a maximum of 364 days, starting with the listed start date. Mail will stop being forwarded on the end date you listed on your COA request.
  2. Permanent COA forwarding time limits: Mail sent to your old address will be forwarded to the new address for a certain amount of time, depending on the mail class (see chart below). Forwarding time limits for specific mail classes is as follows.
Mail Class Forwarded for…
First-Class Mail® / First-Class Package Service-Commercial™ / Priority Mail® service (bills, invoices, personal correspondence, reply mail) 12 months
Priority Mail Express® service (merchandise, printed material) 12 months
Periodicals (magazines, newsletters) 60 days
USPS Marketing Mail® (advertisements, catalogs, retail offers) Only forwarded IF the mailer specifies forwarding instructions
USPS Retail Ground® 12 months (Forwarded only to domestic addresses)
Library Mail, Bound Printed Matter, and Media Mail® 12 months (Forwarded only to domestic addresses)


How would I File a COA for an International Address?

You can’t present a Change of Address online from a worldwide location.

  • In the event that you are moving to an International location outside of the United States, you should round out a similar Change of Address (COA) structure PS Form 3575 that is petitioned for a homegrown move at your Local Post Office™.
  • On the off chance that you neglect to present a COA before moving to an International location, you can compose a letter to your old Post Office in the United States and the postal foundation currently serving your new worldwide location clarifying the circumstance. Give guidance on how and where you need mail sent.
  • The letter ought to likewise incorporate the same number of subtleties asked on the PS Form 3575 (Change of Address Form) as could reasonably be expected.
  • Important : If it’s not too much trouble Note: If you are recording a Change of Address from another nation to the United States, you should contact the unfamiliar nation’s postal organization.

Change of Address for Multiple People in a Household

  • On the off chance that a few individuals from your family unit with a similar last name are moving with you, yet others are staying, you have to round out a different Change of Address (COA) structure for every individual moving, utilizing the “singular” alternative.
  • In the event that individuals from your family with various last names are moving with you, yet others are staying, you have to round out a different COA structure for every individual moving, utilizing the “singular” alternative.
  • On the off chance that your whole family is moving to a similar location and every part has a similar last name, you just need to round out one COA structure, utilizing the “family” alternative.
  • Important : Still not certain where your COA circumstance falls? Look at this diagram.

How to Modify or Cancel Change of Address Request

To adjust or drop your Change of Address (COA) on the web, you should realize your new ZIP Code and have the Confirmation Code you got when you submitted the COA request.

  1. Go to >>
  2. Enter Filed to change : In the comparing fields, enter your new ZIP Code and the Confirmation Code.
  3. Snap Submit.
  4. You would now be able to alter different Change of Address fields as per your alteration/cancelation needs.

Lost Confirmation Code ? : On the off chance that you lose your Confirmation Code, go visit a Post Office and converse with a Postal Clerk about any progressions you need to make to your COA request.

Important : You will have the option to make close to 2 (two) changes in a solitary day*, one of which can be road address line related. After two changes, you will get a blunder message that says: “You have surpassed the measure of changes that you can make around the same time. If you don’t mind attempt again in 48 hours.”

How to Confirm USPS Change of Address ?

Changing address with the US Postal Service is very easy and simple. USPS gives you various options to inform the Postal Service about the move. You can change address online, at the post office, or request the mail carrier to bring the form to you. You just need to pick any of these methods, and the Postal Service will process your order and start forwarding all your mail to your new address. For more information on Changing address with USPS, read the article “USPS Change of Address.”

USPS Change of Address Confirmation

Now, how would you know that your order has been accepted or processed by USPS? Or What will the Postal Service do for letting you know about the change of address confirmation?

Well, the Postal Service will send you some detail or things to inform about the confirmation of your order. Some of those are as follows:

  • If the Change of Address order was submitted online, then you will receive a confirmation code via email.
  • USPS will send you a permanent Change of address confirmation letter to the new address.
  • The Postal Service will send you a welcome kit on your new address. Offers and coupons will be there in that welcome kit.
  • You will receive a Move Validation Letter (MVL) at your old address. USPS will send you this letter to validate your move. If you didn’t submit this order, then contact USPS.

Note: USPS doesn’t provide any duplicate Change of address confirmation letter unless it is an unusual and special case.

Thus you will get to know about the confirmation of your COA order. For more details or any query, you can call 1-800-ASK-USPS.

Don’t use any third party website to submit this order because, in most of the cases, these third party websites charge double amount and yet don’t inform the Postal Service about the move. So, do it yourself through any of the suitable method given above.

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  1. Why can’t we just request a change of address form, like we used to? Why does there have to be such a huge hassle, and cost money, and give you access to my credit card information – Just so I can say I moved?

    This seems unreasonably complicated, and invasive. I get mail. I pay to send mail. Why do I have to give you my credit card info, just for the ability to tell you I’m moving. Not cool.

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    And don’t even get me started on the fact that you’ve totally screwed me, by telling my bank that I currently live at a PO Box I rented in another state – THREE YEARS AGO! I rented that box for TWO Months – AND closed it, so why are you taking it upon yourself to tell my bank ANYTHING about where I live?

    Just How Invasive are you guys? And why are you inserting yourselves into my private life, and my financial life? Big Brother, anyone?

    Mind your own business, and just let me order a Change of address packet delivered to my mailbox. Never had a problem before, so why make it complicated now?

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