USPS Informed Delivery

With informed delivery features of United States postal service , you can digitally view the images and photos your packages and manage your parcel accordingly before the coming ! Informed Delivery let you to see greyscale / back and white pictures of the outer side of box, address side of letter-sized mailpieces and track packages in one smoth location.

What is USPS Informed Delivery?

Well for one liners, it’s a USPS mail preview service for end-users for mail & packages sent throgh USPS. Its free of Cost Free of Cost. No additional Charges are priced by USPS. Informed Delivery is now available to eligible residential consumers in the majority of ZIP Code locations across the united states. Visit to sign up and check if your address is eligible for the feature.

USPS informed delivery
  • Well for one liners, it’s a USPS mail preview service for end-users.
  • It was launched in 2017, Informed Delivery is a Postal Service program that emails consumers images of their receiving mail that will be delivered on that same respective day.
  • In order to take benefits or to be the part of this service, the consumer has to signs up on the USPS website, providing his/her proof of identity, their residential address, and an email address.
  • Once they are registered, each morning they will receive an email from USPS that provides a black & white image, or even in some cases a colored image (more on it is mentioned below), of each mail piece that is expected in their mailbox on that particular day, along with a list of any numerous packages that are being delivered by the USPS.

How do a new consumer can sign-up for USPS Informed Delivery?

If you want to sign up for Informed delivery relies on you living at a legitimate Home address (residence) & you must be able to verify your Personal Identity. After all these, create a Personal account containing and if you have not then you must do now.


Account with USPS.Com for Informed delivery

Firstly, a consumer must visit to


Choose & make a tick at “Sign Up for Free.” Checkbox.

Step No 2 is to Choose & make a tick at “Sign Up for Free.” Checkbox.


Fill Residential Address

Step No 3 is to Fill your residential address so that you can prove your eligibility.Even if your present address is not eligible then also you can still create an account so that you will be able to use USPS Click-N-Ship or an authorized Postal Store by following the prompts.


If you do not have a Account

Step No 4 is saying if your address is already acquiring eligibility, then you can straight login to your own registered account and skip to step 5 below. And in other case, If you do not have a account then create one and then please follow below steps 4.1-4.4

  1. After you create your account, Choose “Informed Delivery” in the top right corner of your profile page.
  2. In second step, select “Enroll” and scroll below to the Informed Delivery box under “Account Management”. You can also click the box to expand it.
  3. Third, Select the appropriate boxes to agree to the terms and conditions checkbox and certify your residential address, then choose “Enroll in Informed Delivery” to continue for finalizing your profile.
  4. Fourth, you’ll be seeing some basic own identity verification questions and you have to complete it.


Enrolling and Fillinf Credentials

Step No 5 is for Getting back to the main step, the new user has to opt-in to Informed Delivery by choosing “Enroll” and fill out your username, password, security questions, and contact information to create & complete your profile..


Finish your identification process

Step No 6 is to Finish your identification process.


Receiving notifications of Mail piece images

This is final stages where you will get real images of your packages by nofication via emails . Please carefully read following instructions.

  1. After finishing all the above steps, you ought to begin receiving notifications within a next week.
  2. Activation time for the feature may differ, but typically you'll begin to receive notifications within three business days from the day of activation.
  3. Official Notifications with an authenticate mail piece images are going to be sent on days when mail is being processed and delivered to your registered address. But please note that Notifications aren't sent on days when there's no mail to be delivered, or on Sundays or federal holidays
  4. Sometimes, Package notifications are sent or available online when there's an update on the status of an incoming package
  5. Let say, if you're not receiving notifications then you ought to check spam filter settings and therefore the contents of your deleted items or junk email folder
  6. Further, you ought to also check the e-mail address designated in your® profile
  7. It is advised to feature [email protected] to email contacts as a trusted source to assist in preventing the spam filter from blocking the feature
  8. Email device and/or provider settings can also prevent or impact the display of images
  9. Your email provider can give further details on the settings required

When are the official Informed Delivery emails sent?

Once daily, normally before 9:00AM standard time, Monday to Saturday. Eventually, Notifications don't seem to be sent on days when there's no mail to be delivered, on Sundays, or on official federal holidays.

Do Informed delivery have a mobile app?

Yes of course! Consumers can also log into a USPS online portal or the official mobile app to see their mail. The images they are viewing is captured from sorting equipment as the mail piece is processed by the Postal Service.

Why should consumers sign up for informed delivery?

  • The end-user adoption rates reflect the value that Informed Delivery delivers to its users. The core-primary benefit for the consumer is the elimination of uncertainty: Is my check arriving in the mail? Is a package coming today or tomorrow? What bills can I expect? Who’s going to offer the week’s great deals?
  • The email arrives like clockwork, around 8 AM every morning. The consumer should sign up so a registered user can be sure that mail is delivered; accountability.
  •  The consumer will get a greyscale image of each letter sized envelope that arrives daily.
  • The consumer also gets a notification for a parcel. It's a good way to keep track of mail and have proof it is to arrive.
  • Moreover, certified letters are also scanned so if you see one, you can be sure to have somebody stay home when the Carrier knocks on the door to get your signature.

How many of users are currently using the informed delivery right now?

  • Since June 2019, there are approximately 17.03 million subscribers nationally & constantly growing by over 700k monthly.
  • These registered consumers, 12.1 million receive a daily email, while the remainder view their mail through the portal or app.
  • Among which 79% of users visit their physical mailbox each day, 88% check their Informed Delivery notification daily.
  • If signed up for email, almost all users (96%) primarily view the email notifications rather than logging into the dashboard view.
  • The Postal Service has now set a goal of 40 million registered users by the end of 2020. This would represent approximately 38% of US households.

What if a number of the mail I receive isn't show up in my registered Informed Delivery® notification?

  • It should be very crystal clear that Only mail processed on USPS® automated equipment is included in the Informed Delivery notification.
  • Not all mail (e.g., magazines and catalogues) is processed this manner, so that they cannot appear within the Informed Delivery notification.
  • There also are certain instances where automated equipment is moved or finish off temporarily but just for some technical or for maintenance reasons.
  • Rarely, any pieces of mail may overlap when the image is taken.
  • Any of those issues may lead to images not matching the particular mail delivered that day.

Still, if you’re unable to receive any Notification by mail?

  • If you're not receiving notifications by email and would really like to, check your Email Opt-In settings on the dashboard at
  • If you'd prefer to receive text notifications about your packages, visit the “Settings” tab in your dashboard and enter your mobile number under the Contact Details section.

What if I would like to alter Informed Delivery to my new residential Address?

  • After you submit a change of Address (online at or in-person at a Post Office™, or through your mail carrier), you'll receive an email and a physical letter with a 9-digit alpha-numeric code requesting confirmation of your change of address.
  • If USPS determines that there is a® account that corresponds to the knowledge within the change of address submission, access to Informed Delivery® are about to be temporarily suspended. If your new address is within a participating ZIP Code™ location and so the feature is out there at your new address, you will be able to resume notification emails once you confirm your change of address by following the instructions in your Change of Address validation letter.

What should I do to opt-out of USPS's Informed Delivery service?

  • As per the official info, USPS informed delivery is attached to a USPS account and an email.
  • You will need to access your USPS account and delete/update the informed delivery address in question.
  • If you're receiving someone else’s informed delivery because you've got their “old” email address.
  • Use the forgot password/username option.  To no longer receive emails in your inbox, log into your account at informed delivery. 
  • Visit, choose "Settings" from dashboard, and uncheck the box entitled "Turn on my Informed Delivery email notifications" under your Daily Mail Updates.

How do I delete my USPS Informed Delivery Account if it is compromised and making false fraudulent charges?

  • First thing first, you have to Go online to the official USPS website & find the number to call or the link to use to report of what’s happening.
  • If that still leaves you uncomfortable, go to an official USPS Informed Delivery office & report what’s wrong with your account and mention it to the station manager.
  •  Let say, still if reporting the fraud doesn’t automatically shut your account down, you MUST either change your log-in credentials as soon as possible or delete your account entirely and start over.
  • You should also report the hack to the Postal Inspection Service and their support team will assist you in deleting your account.
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